Paris museum pass


When visiting such a cultural rich city as Paris in France, one love the idea to not spend precious time waiting in lines to buy individual tickets. There are famous museums where you could spend a couple of hours before entering, not talking about security lines that no one can avoid of course.

If you are staying in Paris for just one or two days then you might want to buy only individual tickets online for let’s say Le Louvre or Orsay museums. You will be able to find them for sale on the website described below. For sure, you would not get return on investment buying a pass for just 2 days, since it includes free entrance up to 60 museums and monuments.

Paris Museum Pass is a good deal to avoid waiting in lines, enjoy free entrance and as many times as you wish in famous museums or monuments like Louvre, Orsay, Versailles Castle, Sainte Chapelle, Arc de Triomphe, Pantheon or many others. The pass comes in 2, 4 or 6 days versions and must be used for consecutive days starting the first day of usage. Avoid to activate it at the end of the first day or you will lose the benefits of one full day. All you need to do is write down the first date of usage, your name and first name and you’re ready to go!

You will gain access only to permanent exhibitions, not the temporary ones where an additional ticket must be bought. It’s important to know that in France, all museums are free if aged under 18 or under 26 for Europe residents. The kids will be able to enter with their parents showing their passes.

The passes are available for sale at any participating museums but since you need to enter one to buy it, some travelers enjoy buying it in advance and have it delivered at the hotel before arrival or to a pickup location. You will be able to order them online at Paris Pass JustRing Desk.

Note that there are a few places where you cannot avoid waiting in line because security/ticketing is just one line therefore the pass will give you free entrance but no ‘cut the line’ rule. This is the case for two popular places like the splendid Sainte Chapelle or Notre-Dame towers.

Enjoy your stay in Paris with your museum pass!